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Baba Yaga is a witch traditionally portrayed as a villain, but if you delve into the Slavic folklore origins of her story, there is more to her than the stock wicked witch.  This got me thinking about how words like witch, hag, and crone and the negative connotations that come with them, though all of these words originally had positive meanings.  On further thought, I couldn’t really come up with a comparable word for an aging man.  Instead, they become “distinguished”.  I wanted to take back the power of these words and the show the strength, wisdom, and beauty of the aging and aged woman. 

(Certificate with story included with piece.) 


This is a 12" X 16"  print of an original acrylic painting created by me and printed on a sturdy matte stock paper specifically for artwork.  These prints are a limited edition of 250.  Each is signed and numbered.  It is packaged in a crystal clear bag that is archival safe and shipped in sturdy packaging material.


Please note that colors may appear different on the prints.

12" X 16" Baba Yaga Print

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