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The Seers are able to see the possibilities of our future, but only the  possibilities. Since our life stories are written by our choices, they are constantly changing, and many would prefer a road map to help lead them to their deepest desires.  People seek out The Seers to hear what they want their future to be, but often don’t want to know the full truth of what may come.  So, The Seers hide themselves and only appear to those who seek the truth with an open mind and a grateful heart. 

(Certificate with story included with piece.) 


This is a 12" X 16"  print of an original acrylic painting created by me and printed on a sturdy matte stock paper specifically for artwork.  These prints are a limited edition of 250.  Each is signed and numbered.  It is packaged in a crystal clear bag that is archival safe and shipped in sturdy packaging material. 


Please note that colors may appear different on the prints. 

12" X 16" Seer 1 Print

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