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The Medusa I learned about in school is a monster who was punished because she was vain.  However, as I started to learn more about the mythology of women, I learned a vastly different story.  Medusa never had a choice.  She didn’t have a choice when a God defiled her, she didn’t have a choice when she was punished by a Goddess for the God’s crime, and I didn’t have a choice about the story that was taught to me.  My Medusa shows her as the venerable victim she was. 

(Certificate with story included with piece.) 


This is a 6" X 12"  print of an original acrylic painting created by me and printed on a sturdy matte stock paper specifically for artwork.  These prints are a limited edition of 250.  Each is signed and numbered.  It is packaged in a crystal clear bag that is archival safe and shipped in sturdy packaging material.


Please note that colors may appear different on the prints.


$15.00 Regular Price
$11.25Sale Price

2024 Birthday Sale

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